Confirmation about the effect of light on gravity.

Confirmation about the effect of light on gravity.

The first recorded observation was published under ( EFFECT OF LIGHT ON GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION) in Physics Essays 24,4(2011). The second paper gives a measurement of that effect and was published under (FURTHER EXPERIMENTS DEMONSTRATING THE EFFECT OF LIGHT ON GRAVITATION) in Applied Physics Research, vol 7, no4; 2015.

Another confirmation is with (Light-Caused Enhancement on Gravitational “Constant” G , February 2014) by Chungpin Hovering Liao , Masachusetts Institute of Technology in an article February 2014.

An independent scientist in Prague, Libor Neumann , observed similar results and published his results under( Experimental verification of electromagnetic-gravity effect: Weighing light and heat) , PHYSICS ESSAYS 30, 2 (2017).
We exchanged emails together after his publications and he was surprised that we found the same thing.

We cannot ignore these facts that were not predicted by actual accepted physics theories as Dr Rubben told me in 2009 before the results were published.

Reading some articles on my site might give some insight of another explanation to help understand our universe.

Louis, March 2019