ZPE stands for zero point energy and is well described in wiki.

Can the theory of last sub quantas be compatible with the theory of ZPE or ZPF ?

It seems that we have two description of the same thing looking at it from different angle.

ZPE theory suspects that there is a lot of energy everywhere in Universe and it is in the form of zpe. We do not see that energy and would like to be able to harness it.

In the theory of last sub quanta, the universe if completely filled with last sub quantas moving at speed of light in all directions. Some of them are emitted by matter where the density of emission varies at a certain rate. This would be what we call electromagnetic wave. I prefer the term light to encompass all frequencies.  Some are emitted by matter without a pattern, without any frequency. That is similar to gravity.

The problem is where is that energy in the theory of quantas?

Very simple.

There is no apparent energy in space where the incoming quantas from one side are as numerous as the incoming quantas from the opposite side because their effect is cancelled. zero. If an object is able to shield some of these quantas, there is a zone of non equilibrium and that is where forces appear, not from nothing but from the difference of opposing effects. That is called gravity.

A good example would be when 2 strong bulldozers are pushing on a 1 kg mass from opposite side. If the forces are equal, the acceleration of the mass is zero. Since force = mass x acceleration, the net force is zero even if the real forces are in the thousands of Newton cancelling one another. That is happening now everywhere in space when looking at opposite quantas.

So zpe would be the resulting interactions of last sub quantas with nucleus.

That is possible if the nuclei are not rigid or zero point entities but complex systems made of myriad of quantas interacting together at the speed of light.

Remember that for an almost  zero dimension entity going at the speed of light in a proton, the next one is very distant compare to its size, like stars in space are distant from on another. It take a long time for that quanta to travel the proton when time is in the same scale as its size.

The big difference is that zpe states that there is enercy at every point in space and that energy is normally at  zero level. The last sub quanta theory explains the origin of that so called energy and why it is at zero. By blocking some of the sub quantas coming from one direction, we can harness that energy. That is happening when a laminar light beam blocks some gravitational force and an object is pushed towards the light beam. It is possible to use that force to generate electricity from zpe that way.

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