Gravitational forces on objects:

Gravitational forces on objects:

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An orange above ground is attracted downward by the mass of the earth ( big green arrow) and upward by all the stars above in space. ( small green arrow).
The net force when they are added gives a force directed down to the ground.

An orange above ground is PUSHED downward (big green arrow pointing down) by all the stars above the orange and also it is PUSHED upward (big green arrow pointing up) by all the stars below.
But some of that upward force is blocked passign through our planet and only a small upward force remains. (small green arrow pointing up)
The net force when they are added gives a force directed down to the ground just like the previous example.

forces 2
Conclusion: The net result is the same for the orange going towards the ground and that means we have to look at this differently to find if gravity is a pushing or an attractive force.

A series of experiments were done that clearly show that gravity is a pushing force.
The results of these experiments also show that an intense light beam can deviate the direction of gravity.

The papers explaining that discoverie can be found here:
Physics Essays 24,4 (2011)
Effect of Light on Gravitational Attraction by Louis Rancourt

Applied Physics Research Vol. 7, No. 4, August 2015 issue.

Further Experiments Demonstrating the Effect of Light on Gravitation
Louis Rancourt, Philip J. Tattersall

A scientist from Prague did a similar experiment not aware that we had already published the results. His findings confim what we found. That is a scientific confirmation of the validity of our results. You can access his findings at:

PHYSICS ESSAYS 30, 2 (2017)
Experimental verification of electromagnetic-gravity effect:
Weighing light and heat
Libor Neumann a)
Brdicˇkova 1910, 155 00 Prague 5 – Luzˇiny, Czech Republic

Here we will give a summary of similar results that can be tried in any secondary school.

forces 3

Two very heavy balls are attached by a wire to the ceiling. Because of the heavy masses, they will start moving and will come closer to one another. If they are at the right distance, they will not touch but almost.
According to attractive force of gravity, the forces that move the masses originate from the 2 balls according to the formula: force = G x mass x mass / distance squared.

G = 6.674 28 (+/- 0.000 67) x 10-11 m3 kg-1 s -2.
A wall is located at the right side of the room and a powerful light beam is sent horizontally. It’s direction is at 90 degrees compare to a line between the 2 balls. The rectangular orange block represents that light.
Because the light is on the other side of the wall it should have no effect on the forces between the 2 balls.
When this is tried, a surprising effect is observed. When the light is activated, the 2 balls start to move away from one another. It seems that the gravitational force between them is getting weaker. There is nothing in present theories that predicted that strange effect. Similar experiments were done for over 1000 hours and the results were all the same. Something was happening that no theory could explain.

If one ball is removed and we wait until the last one stop oscillating, the light is activated on the other side of the wall. The ball starts moving towards the hidden light. Another effect that was not expected. It seems that the light is attracting the ball even if the ball cannot ‘see’ the light.

That effect cannot be explained by attractive gravitational forces but it can be easily explained by a pushing gravitational force.

Here it is:
We know that chinese people on the other side of the globe do not ‘fall’ in space but stay on the ground as we do here. That means there is gravity everywhere in space.

Let us go back to the experiment with one ball and an horizontal beam of light.
Gravity is pushing the ball from every directions, from left to right, from right to left, from up to down, from down to up. The wire prevents movement up and down but permits the ball to move from one side to the other.
Without the light, the forces of gravity are equal from every opposite directions and the net force is zero and the ball stay put.
When the light is activated, the gravity coming from the right side passes through the light beam before going to the ball. Some of that gravity is deflected towards the back of the room and the net result is that the gravity coming from the left side is now stronger than the gravity coming from the right side and that pushes the ball to the right, where the light beam is located. That does not mean that light attracts the ball, It means that light can deviate what causes gravity.
That is a strong proof that gravity is a pushing force, not an attractive force.
That also means that gravity can be partially blocked by light going at right angle compare to gravity.
That also expaling why objects ard pushed downward on earth because gravity from space above is stronger that gravity coming from below because some was deviated by the atoms of our planet.
That also explain why planets orbit the sun. Another document does explain that in more details.

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