Harnessing zero point energy.


Harnessing zero point energy.

Many theories are saying that empty space is really full of energy but it seems to be zero because the forces at each point in space are balanced by equal and opposite forces. If it was possible to decrease one force going in one direction, the opposite force could be use at our advantage.

This is really happening right now at a very small level. We call it gravity because the force of gravity in opposite directions is not exactly equal at each point is space. There is a small difference between opposite force and that is enough to keep earth in orbit around the sun.

Because it was discoverd that light can deviate some of the gravitational force, it is possible to harness the opposite force to spin a flywheel and use that energy.
Doing that is really harnessing zero point energy.

Gravity engine

Part 1: how to build the engine

Part 2. Physic principles that makes the engine works above unity

Part 3. How to get the parts

part 4. possible costs


The engine is simply a metal wheel rotating on an axis as in the drawing .

moteur 2

Nearby, a coil of optical fiber containing many turns is placed at an angle close to the wheel. It does not touch the wheel. A support holds the coil. The laser is absent in this drawing.
The drawing  shows a yellow region in front of the spool. This region exerts a force on the part of the wheel that is pushed towards the spool. This creates a torque that turns the wheel.

moteur 3
The purpose of this first motor is to measure the relationship between the energy given to the fiber optic coil by the laser and the force on the wheel to rotate it. This force is the torque on the wheel.

The angle of the coil may have an effect on the force. It seems that an angle of about 60 degrees is the best but a real model can confirm it.
The final motor could have several coils of optical fiber connected together. The end of the fiber returns initially in a connection in y shape.

moteur 5


A flywheel should not turn too fast because if the centripetal force is greater than the cohesive force of the atoms of the flywheel, it breaks. As the energy of the parts of the flywheel is large because of the speed, the pieces that come off the  wheel are dangerous and can cause damage. It must therefore be all in  metal container capable of containing these pieces if the flywheel breaks. The following drawing gives an idea of ​​this enclosure around the flywheel. The top here is half transparent to see the inside but it has to be closed and made of metal.

moteur 4 avec tour
This engine needs electricity for the laser. When the rotational speed is large enough, the axis is connected to the generator. The generator supplies electricity to the laser and the surplus is used free of charge. It works 24 hours a day once started.
The logic that explains the operation of the engine.
– The result of experiments show that gravity is a force that comes from all directions  of space. The gravity that crosses the earth and pushes under an object is therefore lower than the gravity that comes from the top pushing the object down. The total forces cause the object to be pushed down as if the earth were pulling it down.

– The results of experiments show that light in one direction blocks or deflects a part of the gravity going 90 degrees compared to the direction of light. The effect was measured and indicates that the percentage of deviation varies directly with the amount of lumen used. As gravity comes from all directions, one can calculate the percentage of gravity that arrives at a different angle other than 90 degrees. The total makes that the light deviates an amount about 2 times larger.

The results also show that the effect of a ray of light going in one direction is canceled by the effect of a ray of light going in an opposite direction. It is therefore important to use an optical fiber coil because there is no interference because the light always goes in the same direction for each part of the coil.

The results obtained are published partly in the two following documents:

1. Effect of light on gravitational attraction. Physics Essays 24.4 (2011)


2. Further Experiments Demonstrating the Effect of Light on Gravitation
by Louis Rancourt, Philip J. Tattersall
Applied Physics Research www.ccsenet.org/apr Vol. 7, No. 4, August 2015 issue.



Here is where you can get the parts for engine construction:

- laser with optical fiber:


Wavelength (nm) 980
Output Power (W) 5
Beam Divergence (NA) 0.22,
Stock number # 33-038
Price € 6,995.00

Connector: SMA
Cable Length (m): 0.5
Modulation Frequency (kHz): DC-20, TTL
Dimensions (mm): 119.4 W x 248.9 W x 320.0 H
Input Voltage (V): 100 – 240 AC
Class CDRH: IV
Class IV High Power Fiber Coupling Laser Systems are complete, self-contained systems that incorporate a high-brightness fiberglass coupled to a laser diode. Each system includes an on-board thermoelectric cooler, heat sink, fan, power supply and integrated electronic components, in addition to a TTL modulation port (BNC connector). Class IV high-power systems can provide continuous output power of up to 5 W from 445nm to 1064nm. Fiber Coupled Laser Systems are ideally suited to a range of life sciences and industrial applications including fluorescence, heat treatment and plastic welding. For applications that require an intense, non-contact heat source, an optional array of AR-treated collimated aspherical lenses can be attached to the end of the fiber, using an SMA 905 connector, to project intense spots, with a diameter as small as 0.33 mm.

– SMA Slit Adapter (for use with single core fibers) Stock # 56-256 Note: Slit adapter converts slit aperture to SMA connector compatible with Amphenol 906 series fiber optic connectors. RoHS: Compliant

————————————————– ————————————-
© 2018 – MPB Technologies Inc. | Montreal, Quebec | 514-694-8751 | info@mpbc.ca

532 nm 5 Watt continuous, Compact Air-cooled Laser Fiber
————————————————– ————————-


Low Power CW Fiber Lasers

IPG Photonics 1 – 100 W CW Fiber Laser

The wheel (FLYWHEEL)

Here are some suppliers and specifications:

eMachineShop | 31 Industrial Ave. | Mahwah, NJ 07430
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————————————————– —————-
Kubotek USA, Inc. Press Contact:
Phone: (508) 229-2020
Email: marketing@kubotekusa.com Kelley Lynn Kassa Davies Murphy Group (781) 274-6061 x206 kkasssa@daviesmurphygroup.com


The prototype is one of the largest flywheels in the world to make use of a carbon fiber design with a superconducting magnetic bearing that decreases friction in the wheel.
————————————————– ———————-
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flywheel       The table  shows calculated values ​​for mass, radius, and angular velocity for storing 500 J. The carbon-fiber flywheel is by far the most efficient; however, it also has the largest radius. In applications (like in an automobile) where the volume is constrained, a carbon-fiber flywheel might not be the best option.

A steering wheel of 0.5 m radius and 10 kg rotating at 30 revolutions per second has an energy of about 1000 Joules. The centripetal force is about 2000 Newton.

So this composite steering wheel has a breaking tension of about 50000 Joules, which seems pretty secure.

If about 50 watts are used by the laser, it remains more than 900 watts free, 24 hours a day.

5 watt laser        5000 to 15000.00
fiber 8000 m      4000 to 6000.00

flywheel 0.5 m     500.00

other                   1000.00

total about        10000 to 23000.00

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