Gravity is a pushing force.

Gravity is a pushing force.

The clear results of an experiment can only be explained with the concept that gravity is a pushing force and not an attractive force.

Newton’s formula stating that the force of gravity between two objects depends on the mass of the objects and inversely with the distance between the objects. It does not say if it is a pushing or an attractive force. Many scientists thought that it was an attractive force and the public thinks the same. Here is a proof that it is not an attractive force.

An object is placed in the middle of an horizontal lever. One end of the lever is placed on the platen of an analytical balance and the other end is on a table.


If the force of gravity was an attraction coming from the planet earth and pulling down the test mass on the lever, then the balance would indicate a certain weight. This force is indicated by the blue arrow in the next drawing.


A powerful light ray was sent horizontally over the test mass as indicated on the next drawing. There should be no effect on the force acting on the mass if the force is coming from the planet as indicated by the blue arrow because the light is over the test mass. The result is surprising: the test mass has less weight when the light ray passes over the mass.


Some might argue that since light has energy according to the formula stating that energy and mass are interchangeable ( Energy = mass x c x c ) where c is the speed of light, then some will say that the mass equivalent of the light over the test mass is also producing a force upwards on the test mass. That would explain why the weight is smaller because there is a force attracting upwards. If we calculate the equivalent mass of the light ray used in the experiment, that mass would be smaller that one atom of oxygen or nitrogen. Air all around the test mass is made of oxygen and nitrogen and one atom more or less does is not able to make the change of weight observed.

What caused the loss of weight then.

The next experiment gave a hint of that cause.

The same light source was used to direct the light beam under the test mass.


Since the mass equivalent of the light beam is very small, it has no effect on pushing the test mass downward. But the weight of the mass increases when the light beam passes under the mass. Where is that force directed downard originates? The mass of the planet and of the test mass has not changed. The distance has not changed neither. According to the formula (FORCE = G X MASS X MASS / DISTANCE SQUARED,) the weight is not supposed to change but it does.

The most logical explanation is that the force of gravity is coming from all region of space around us. The amount coming from under is less because the planet did block some of that force.

The difference is directed down because the total forces coming from space is now greater than the force that passes through earth. We are pushed down by these forces.

Another interesting conclusion is that the ray of light was able to divert some of that gravity and when the ray passes under the test mass, it diverts some of the force coming from under. That causes a difference in the downward force and the weight of the object increases.

The results of these experiment have been tested many times and an independent researcher in Prague, Libor Newman,  found the same results a few years later without knowing that these results have already been published under Further Experiments Demonstrating the Effect of Light on Gravitation, Applied Physics Research; Vol. 7, No. 4; 2015.


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