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Light blocks gravity

Summary of my research.

Note: The full paper can be obtained at Physics Essays, December 2011, copyrighted materiel. The content here  is not from that paper.

Why I did that research?

I have tried many experiments in the last 50 years in order to understand gravity. After reading that Podkletnov in Finland saw that the weight decreases over a turning wheel, I tried spinning a wheel but did not notice any  weight change. I reasoned that the wheel might have to turn very fast to block gravity. Why not try with light because lihgt is fast.

Bouncing a laser beam between parallel mirrors gave no results.

I figured that maybe a laminar laser beam used to show a straight line instead of a dot mitght do.

The figure demonstrate hos a small mass was placed at each end of a torsion pendulum beam, supported at the middle by fine copper wires. A fixed  mass placed at one end of the pendulum attracted the mobile mass.

When a laminar light beam was passed between the fixed mass and the mobile mass, tje attraction seemed to increase.

If the gravtitational force was coming from the fixed mass to attract to mobile mass, the light beam might just push aside some of that force and the attraction should be less, not more.

It was impossible to explain the facts with our present knowledge of gravity or physics formulas.




The big laser sends a laminar beam between the big fixed mass and the small mass at one end of the pendulum arm. A screen blocks the light ray so it will not affect the conter weight mass at the other end. A small laser sends a re dot on the mirror placed at the middle of the beam. The mirror reflects the dot on a ruler so we can see the movement of the mobile mass.

On August 6, we got this result. Using Excel, a graph is made to show the different  position of the moving mass vs time. ( broken blue line) The average position is shown in light blue. The red line indicates when the laser beam was active.The brown line indicates the position of the fixed mass.

Results: As soon as the light is cut off, the mass moves away but comes closer when the light beam is turned on.

Many trials gave the same results: the fixed  mass attracts the moving mass and when ligth passes between them, the attraction seems to increase, not to decrease.

Since light was not blocking a force coming from the fixed mass, is it blocking something coming from outside, horizontally?  If there was an horizontal force acting on each side  of the moving mass and if light was blocking some of that force, that could explain why the moving mass was getting closer and not farther.

That would means that gravity is not coming from the mass but from outside, from space.

After looking on Internet for something similar, I realized that Lesage had a theory similar to that, without mentioning the effect of light. He mentioned his theory to Newton but Newton did  not make any hypothesis to explain the origin of gravity.


If there is an horizontal force from the North equal and opposite to a force from the South on the moving mass, il would not move. If light can block some of the force coming from the North side, the mobile mass would be pushed more by the South force than by the North force as shown by the blue and green arrow at the bottom of the drawing.

One easy way to verify this was to take away the fixed mass and let the pendulum find a stable position. It was moving back and forth by a few millimeters only.

When the light beam was going on the North side of the mobile mass, it was pushed towards the North side. When the light was transferred to the South side, the mass immediately went towards the light as if the forces pushing the mass were blocked partially by light.

nord sud

This is one graph showing that light blocks gravity. The red line indicates where the light beam was and it is clear that the mobile mass went towards the light.

Since light is going in straight line, it did not touch the mobile mass. Maybe there is something that pushes the mass when light is activated. I verified many possibilities as described in the article and it is clear the movement was not caused by air motion, static electricity force, Corialis effect.

These results confirm Lesage theory after 200 years ! Finally we can control gravitational forces in the labs. This means that gravity is not an attractive force but a pushing force. Atoms are moved when that force hits them. Atoms block some of that force and most of it goes right trough objects because atoms are almost all empty space. That means the sun is blocking some of that force and earthf is now pushed towards the sun, going in an orbit. Earth is blocking some of that force coming from beneath and the force above us is pushing us downward as if we were attracted by Earth.

That also means that light and gravitational forces have something in common to be able to interact. We know that it is possible to make electrons by shining a high frequency  light through a thin metal sheet. It is possible to make protons the same way; protons and electrons make hydrogen and in stars, hydrogen is transformed in the elements we know.

But when an electron meets an anti-electron, it returns into light. Same building stuff. Same thing with gravitational forces. More studies will continue to clarify the real nature of light, of electric forces, of gravitational forces.

Atoms seem to be receiving  a lot of stuff from all around: neutrinos, radiation, fast moving particles from stars. These atoms have to emit enough all around otherwise they would become bigger and bigger like a snow ball rolling down the hill. These emissions might be what we know as light, electric field, gravity.

But what is that stuff going around like this. Scientist have speculated on that and each one has a pet theory but none is accepted completely. We know it has to be very small and travel very fast.

Is it possible that it is so small, that it is not made of something else but is the ultimate small thing or quanta to use science words. It would be the last sub-quanta, not made of anything else or we cans call it the last sub-quanta. Electrons, protons and neutrons make all atoms and are complex systems made of these l.s.q. More research again.



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  1. Ian MacMillan says:

    Could the attraction be caused the Bernoulli effect where an increase in speed is causing a lowering of the pressure?
    The effect is well demonstrated but only in a closed system.
    For this idea to have any validity it would be nec. to regard the Earth as a closed system

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