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  1. Dave B says:

    You might find this paper interesting.
    It posits push gravity Plank wavelength pressure generated from zero point energy.
    Gravity force results from the shadowing effect of the body masses. But I think it may fall apart when dealing with condensed matert. I.e. Neutron stars and black holes.
    RE light box experiement.
    Two comments and a question
    More accurate measurement might be achieved using two light boxes. One above and one below the test mass. Alternately switch on the upper or lower box lamps.
    Question: a change in the weight of the test mass either increase or decrease means a change in its potential energy equivalent to a change in test mass altitude. Where Does that energy go? I.e. thought experiment: imagine a wheel with a horizontal axle with a one light box situated below the left half of the wheel and another above the right half of the wheel. You now have unbalanced mass and the wheel rotates. This implies free energy or perpetual motion. Or their has to be some torque resisting force as a new mass segment rotates into and out of the light box “field” of influence on the mass above or below it.

    • Louis says:

      first: to have 2 boxes means having 2 boxwes. I built only one at a $900 cost… Maybe you can built 2.
      second: there are many theories to explain what happened. I am more interested in having more effect on gravity at a point where one can block enough to float as in space.
      It seems that light blocks the pushing force from above and the test mass that was moving east wiht hte planet earth is now moving east again but at a higher altitude, not enough yet to be a satellite, but having the same properties. If enough force coming from above was blocked, the object would be a small satellite hovering over the ground. The most surprising effect is tha tthe weight lost comes back slowly when the lights are turned off because the object velocity ( direction and speed) is changing slowly.

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